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Purpose of the association: (a) To promote quality writing, reporting, broadcasting, telecasting, photography,  illustration, painting, lecturing and/or teaching, including but not limited to, hunting, fishing, camping, boating,  birding, conservation and ecology; (b) To promote ethical behavior in the foregoing categories and activities;  (c) To promote fellowship and good will among the members of the outdoor media; (d) To promote interchange  of information and techniques with allied organizations; (e) To promote individualism among members (the  association as a whole is prohibited from endorsing any particular stand); (f) To promote good will among all  political parties of the state without the association taking part in any political campaign on or on behalf of any  candidate or political party at any level of government.  

By submitting this form and paying the required dues I hereby make an application to the TEXAS OUTDOOR WRITERS ASSOCIATION,  a non-profit organization of professionals who communicate the outdoor experience through various media,  businesses or as individuals who hold a vital interest in outdoor sports.  

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