March 16, 2021

Reports say that the first TOWA conference was held in Port Arthur, Texas, 63 years ago. In 2021, despite an unprecedented year of mass social confusion, the TOWA Annual Conference was once again held in Port Arthur, Texas. TOWA celebrated its new members, and new supporting members joining the ranks to promote the outdoors in Texas. The freshman folks were joined by several of the gray beards and active members, such as Chester Moore, who continue making their mark on outdoor communications.

The TOWA Board of Directors and Officers likewise continues to grow and change in personality. There is no more stacking duties or relying on a paid Executive Director. The board consists of a roster of volunteers taking those duties and looking for more!

Hailey Johnson came along a few years ago as student member in charge of the TOWA Club at TAMUCC. She soon stepped up as a director, became president-elect and treasurer, helped with the growth of the TOWA Fall Stampede, and provided invaluable help and ideas that seeded more growth. Her year as president was stymied by the inglorious national situation, but – it did not stop her from her role as TOWA president, or setting personal and business goals.

To date, Hailey has stepped down from the president position to pursue her career and to assure that her efforts as a full-time foster parent go unimpeded. She is still a TOWA member and looks forward to participating in TOWA events.

Michael Bennet, an active TOWA member, supporting TOWA member, and the Operations Director for the Sellmark Corp., has stepped up from his position as the supporting member director to president. Michael has resurrected the TOWA website and continues to tweak that critter making it ever-more user friendly. Mike has also brought the online newsletter back, and is the TOWA IT link to the future.

Brooklee Grant was brought onto the board last year and will take the president-elect duties. She is a spokesperson for the company SilencerCo and is an active member writer.

Another new face is Jenn Nolan, owner of Champions Outdoors. Jenn brings multiple advantages with her company’s angling and kayak sponsors and her desire to co-op events with Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. and TOWA. She has booked six weekends to camp along the Colorado River and utilize the archery course, shooting ranges, and woods trails that are also part of the TOWA Stampede. While introducing more folks to the outdoors she’s also a writer and looks for more writers to participate.

Jeff Lichon is the TOWA secretary keeping record with meeting minutes and Mrs. Christina Bennet is the new treasurer. Both the minutes and financial records will be open for TOWA members upon request. The board welcomes suggestions and advice.

Myself, Herman Brune,  and Sam Caldwell round out the rest of the board. Sam is always good with fundraising and ideas. While my contribution is the general knowledge and contacts I’ve accumulated in the outdoor industry.

During my time on the board many great ideas were passed around the table.  As per the TOWA Mission, we’re building relationships with more supporting members and like-minded writing organizations. The great ideas will be realized and the outdoor community will benefit.

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