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As one of us, a professional communicator, business person or an associate who enjoys outdoor activities we welcome you. We believe you will find the association can, and will, provide a unique experience and professional opportunity. We also believe that the Texas Outdoor Writers Association will be strengthened with your knowledge and experience.

"We cannot thrive by apathy and will only continue the course we have set with your activism."
- David Sikes, Past TOWA President

Below are just a few of the highlights of being a part of such a great organization


A key to success for any industry is the ability to network, pool resources, share ideas, and maximize on all efforts as a team rather than individuals. TOWA offers many opportunities to grow your network in the outdoors and grow your professional career. 


Outdoor communicators are a different breed. In a world where many outdoor activities such as shooting, hunting, and fishing are seen regularly on the taboo side of mainstream media it can be difficult for outdoor communicators to find their place. We provide community where communicators can build their confidence and face the majority with a strong voice and spreading our outdoor way of life to the masses more effectively. 

Continuous Learning

Stay up to date with the latest trends in media production. With industry professional contacts, we provide continuous learning for your professional development. 

Annual Meetings, events and trips

Join us yearly as we share ideas, participate in workshops & roundtables and the TOWA Annual Meeting. Also attend exclusive supporting member invites to hunting, fishing, and tourism trips, networking and content rich environments all designed to help you get the content you need and hone your craft and stake your place in the professional outdoor community. 


Annual Conference

The TOWA Annual Conference is held beginning the last Thursday of February each spring and is the highlight of the year. The conference is designed to provide networking opportunities, a comprehensive supporting (industrial) member hands-on product experience during break-out sessions, the annual business meeting of the membership and up-to-date workshops featuring the most qualified professionals in outdoor communications.

Fall Stampede

Enjoy a 3 day weekend at the Fall Stampede at Shaw's Bend an event exemplary of all the great activities of the outdoor lifestyle every October. With fishing, kayaking, outdoor cooking, rodeo, shooting, hunting, power sports, and much much more, we  bring a fun filled content rich environment fun for the whole family and something for everybody.

Lifestyle Getaways

Periodically, side trips are offered as an opportunity for writers and photographers to gather materials for articles and broadcasts in addition to the annual meeting.  These trips for members are designed to incorporate fun and work at various sites around the state and might include any outdoor activity that will provide editorial and photography opportunities.  All the above, and more, has made our association one of the most progressive state outdoor writers groups in the country.

Excellence in Craft Awards

The TOWA Excellence in Craft Contest is an opportunity for members in the Active, Active Retired, Life and Student membership categories to receive special recognition for journalism excellence. Nothing resounds better than adding "Award Winning" to any professional communicator's title. Members submit their content pieces in various categories for their chance at recognition and cash prizes. 

Scholarship Opportunities

TOWA Student members and future outdoor writers are given opportunities to apply for scholarships at various times throughout the year. Many are provided 

Membership Types

Applicants for membership in TOWA must meet certain minimum requirements based upon criteria as set forth in the bylaws of the association and which are stipulated on the personal membership application. Select the levels below to learn more. 

Active Membership

Active membership requires the individual making application to be a producing outdoor communicator whose primary duties are communication about the outdoors in written/spoken/visual presentations (tourism not included) with a minimum of requirements as set forth in the bylaws of the association. Active Members have voting and office holding privileges.

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Student Membership

Student Membership is for any student in high school or college who now, or in the future, will pursue an education in journalism, wildlife, natural resource management, fisheries or any related activity that could lead to a future active membership in the association.

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Active Retired Membership

Active Retired membership are reserved for previous TOWA Active Members in good standing who may no longer fulfill the publication quotas outlined in the bylaws for their professional discipline. Active-Retired Members have voting and office holding privileges.

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Associate Membership

Associate Membership is for any communicator who satisfies at least 50 percent of the requirements for active membership if he/she has a direct professional interest in outdoor communications and the potential for becoming an active member within a three-year period of time from the date in which associate membership is granted.

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Supporting Membership

TOWA appreciates industry supporting members and realize that it is through these connections we can create mutually beneficial relationships. Supporting members gain access to share press releases and content with TOWA active members, engage with and network, and gives access to attendance in the TOWA Annual Conference.

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Life Membership

This membership category is reserved for Active or Active-Retired Members elected by the voting membership. Life-Members have voting and office holding privileges



For a small fee you can be a part of TOWA and take part in it's benefits that have proven to return tenfold in connections, professional development, and opportunities. For Associate and Student members, there may also be reimbursement or grant programs available to cover these costs. 

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