Membership Benefits

An annual conference is held beginning the last Thursday of February each spring and is the highlight of the year. The conference is designed to provide networking opportunities, a comprehensive supporting (industrial) member hands-on product experience during break-out sessions, the annual business meeting of the membership and up-to-date workshops featuring the most qualified professionals in outdoor communications.

Periodically, side trips are offered as an opportunity for writers and photographers to gather materials for articles and broadcasts in addition to the annual meeting.  These trips for members are designed to incorporate fun and work at various sites around the state and might include any outdoor activity that will provide editorial and photography opportunities.  All the above, and more, has made our association one of the most progressive state outdoor writers groups in the country.

As one of us, a professional communicator, business person or an associate who enjoys outdoor activities we welcome you. We believe you will find the association can, and will, provide a unique experience and professional opportunity. We also believe that the Texas Outdoor Writers Association will be strengthened with your knowledge and experience.

“We cannot thrive by apathy and will only continue the course we have set with your activism.”
– David Sikes, TOWA President

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