November 14, 2020

TOWA Members, you are invited to a Content Rich Getaway (CRG) event informally put together by Joe Swoboda and Michael Bennett. Port Mansfield Texas JAN 29, 2021  – JAN 31, 2021

This is a lifestyle event intended first and foremost to have fun and second to get content. Come fish, hang out, eat some BBQ , drink some Shiner and enjoy the small fishing town of Port Mansfield Texas. 

VIPs will be selectively chosen for the in-seat hunts offered by Joe for up to 6 hunters. If we have alot of interest - we may be able to get up to 12 hunters with another airboat. 

Requirements for the duck hunt will be that they are content generators or industry influencers. They must be actively working on an article, story, promo video or some specific deliverable content in which they will be able to promote Joe Swoboda Charters, Texas Outdoor Writers Association and Pulsar. 

Please contact Michael Bennett - if you want to attend and hunt, or just come hang out and enjoy Port Mansfield with us. 

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Michael Bennett

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