December 13, 2020

Texas, being a Texan, – it’s a daily reason to smile!

In the words of author Larry McMurtry, “What my whole body of work says… is that Texans spent so long getting past the frontier experience because that experience is so overwhelmingly powerful. Imagine yourself as a small hopeful immigrant family, alone on the Staked Plains, with the Comanche and the Kiowa still on the loose. The power of such experience will not sift out of the descendants of that venturer in one generation and produce Middletown. Elements of that primal venturing will surely inform several generations.” (Taken from the  

Use that message, the power of experience handed down to descendants, and apply it today – right now! Baby boomers were reared by the people that suffered The Great Depression and WWII. The parents of that generation witnessed the industrial revolution and the grandparents were the settlers, buffalo hunters, and frontiersmen that defined Texas.

Now it’s our turn! We are thankful that our message, and our duty, is to tell the story of the great Texas outdoors. Our profound obligation is to welcome the incoming writers and photo journalists that would take our stories, the stories of Texas, the stories that brand us, and make them their own. It is our charge to mentor the newbies, help them with success, and save Texas from delivery to McMurtry’s aforementioned Middletown.

Our laurels must not be our throne. We must pass on the secrets of the trade – the explanation of who we are – and why our task is imperative to sustain Texas!

TOWA is alive and well! The Annual Conference is February 26-28, 2021, in Port Arthur, Texas, the birthplace of TOWA, at the Hampton Inn and Suites. The gathering will be a shortened version with the Reception Dinner at the Parker Community Center on Friday night, and the EIC Banquet at the Gulf Coast and Janis Joplin Museum on Saturday night. The Conference schedule is put forth with the trust it will encourage more time for media members to meet with supporting members, and to greet students, associates, and incoming new folks. Our time together will culminate on Sunday with a Prayer Breakfast and general membership meeting after lunch. One last aspect of the schedule is to emphasize our dedication to our message, supporting members, new members, students, and TOWA. Please plan on attending and championing TOWA.

Conrad Hilton said, “There’s a vastness here and I believe that the people who are born here breathe that vastness into their soul. They dream big dreams and think big thoughts, because there is nothing to hem them in.” (Taken from the

Incoming members are recruited with the understanding that TOWA must be the leader in regional outdoor writer organizations – sharing information with others, offering optimum opportunity to freshmen, growing opportunities to active members, satisfying supporting members’ bottom line, and carrying the great Texas outdoors message to the Texas masses.

Do it now!  

Sam Houston said, “Do right and risk the consequences.” (

See Y’all in Port Arthur,


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Herman W. Brune

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