November 13, 2020

  • Global Outdoors is a website and app that lets users find, rate, review, and, (very soon) book outdoor experiences
  • Currently seeking submissions for our “Featured Articles/Blog” section of their website
  • Interested in "how-to’s”, personal outdoor experiences, and blog post-type articles

Much of the articles on the site have been written by the founders and are based on interviews of folks they know. They are interested in "how-to’s”, personal outdoor experiences, and blog post-type articles. Essentially, anything other than straight-up news reporting or fiction would be good. Ideally submissions top out at 500 words, but they could stretch really interesting submissions into a part two.

Submissions do not have to be first run, but they like second-run articles to be at least 12 months out from the last publication. If any association members have any interest, submissions can be sent to, with “Submission” as the subject. Please do not include your submission as attachment. Instead, please paste the contents of your submission into the body of the email. Any questions regarding submissions can be sent to the same address.

About the author 

Michael Bennett

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