April 22, 2021

    Ralph Winingham has been fine-tuning his cooking skills since he was a youngster watching his mother prepare some of the best wild game and desserts ever to cross anyone’s palate.

    In addition to developing his culinary creativity from his mother and four brothers – all skilled game cooks – he has spent more than 40 years “borrowing” knowledge and techniques from some of the best camp and outdoor cooks across the country.

    Winingham is also an the award-winning author of both The Campfire Chef: Old Boots and Bacon Grease, and Revenge of Old Boots and Bacon Grease, which was the 2006 Texas Outdoor Writers Association Book of the Year. 

    He is the creator of “Chef Ralph’s Super Seasoning;’’ a perfect blend of salts, peppers and spices for giving a culinary shot in the arm to nearly any dish.  The seasoning is the ultimate combination putting just the right “whang” in wild game, fish, fowl, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken and even on the edge of a margarita glass.

    On the shooting side, he was one of the first newspaper journalists to cover the fledgling competition called sporting clays when the event was first introduced to the United States from its native England in the 1980s.   

   As an outdoor writer/photographer based in San Antonio, he has written about and interviewed many of the top shooters participating in the annual National Sporting Clays Association National Championship. 

    His numerous newspaper and magazine articles have detailed the efforts and accomplishments of instructors and firearm/ammunition manufacturers in developing and promoting shooting sports across the country.

   Winingham began his competitive shooting career as a member of the Tiro Al Pichon Association in the late 1970s.  He earned the title of High-Over-All at the 1984 TAPA Live Flyer World Championship held in San Antonio, winning the two-day competition by edging out 168 of the best wingshooters in world.      

   Certified as a NSCA Level II instructor, in addition to his current ranking as a Master Class shooter, he has hundreds of hours of teaching experience with youngsters, women and veteran shooters.

    He has retired from outdoor writing to take a well-deserved break from deadline pressure.  His writings and photos have been published in The Journal of Texas Trophy Hunters, where he was the Shotgun and Wingshooting columnist; Texas Wildlife Association Magazine, where he was the Guns and Shooting columnist; Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual; Texas Sportsman Magazine; Texas Sporting Journal; Texas Outdoor Journal; Texas Dove Hunters Magazine; Texas Deer Association Magazine; Texas Fish & Game Magazine; Texas Outback MagazineGunTest Magazine, where he was the Shotgun reviewer; Sporting Clays Magazine; Clay Shooting USA Magazine; Clay Nation Magazine; Readers Digest; Lone Star Outdoor News; Amarillo Globe Herald; San Antonio Express-News; andthe Houston Chronicle.

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  1. Hope everyone is emerging from the crazy pandemic lock-down and getting back to semi-normal. To help escape my cabin fever, I spent the past year putting together my third book that has just cleared the printer. Fellow TOWA past President Mark McDonald did all the fine tuning from his Dust Devil Publications office in Midland.
    The book is titled "Bustin' Clays & Cookin' Game with Old Boots & Bacon Grease II" with illustrations by Texas State Artist Sam Caldwell, also a long-time TOWA compadre. Looks good to me and I don't know of any other outdoor writerundefinedshooting instructorundefinedcamp cook who has compiled anything like this simple, informative and fun collection of both shooting and cooking tipsundefinedrecipes.
    For a press release andundefinedor review copy for use as a story, radio show or video spot about my newest outdoor masterpiece — in my humble opinion — feel free to contact me by email or at the phone number below.
    Thanks and have fun.

    Ralph Winingham
    Old Boots & Bacon Grease
    2935 Hunters Stream
    San Antonio, TX 78230
    Cell: (210) 240-6149
    web: ralphwiningham.com

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