November 30, 2020

Nov 30, 2020

A Texas winter tradition is now underway as TP&W begins stocking thousands of easy-to-catch, tasty rainbow trout in ponds, lakes and rivers across the state.

A Texas winter tradition is now underway as we begin stocking thousands of easy-to-catch, tasty rainbow trout in ponds, lakes and rivers across the state.Any age or skill level can enjoy the thrill of fishing for rainbows. To increase your chances of success, our biologist created a video with 6 tips for catching rainbow trout.We plan to stock a total of 332,188 rainbow trout from November 25 through March 5. Because rainbow trout are unable to survive in Texas after the winter, you’re encouraged to keep up to the daily bag limit of 5 trout. So get out there with your friends and family, spend time outdoors, enjoy the crisp air, and catch some feisty, colorful trout!Please maintain a safe physical distance from others while fishing and follow other local ordinances related to the ongoing public health situation. 

Trout Stocking Schedule

Where to Catch Rainbows

Neighborhood Fishin’ Lakes and State Parks

FAMILY FISHING EVENT AT Fort Worth (Greenbriar Lake)

Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes offer families and other new anglers in and around big cities some of the best opportunities to catch rainbow trout. These lakes are frequently stocked during the season and offer plenty of amenities so anglers of all ages can enjoy a fun and relaxing day fishing and connecting in nature.Trout will also be stocked at 15 Texas state parks throughout Texas. Many state parks offer excellent fishing amenities such as fishing piers and shoreline access, cleaning stations, and equipment rentals for tackle and kayaks or canoes. As a bonus, anglers don’t need a fishing license to fish within a Texas state park.Reserving a day pass in advance of your visit to a Texas state park is highly recommended since parks are operating at limited capacity and many will reach their capacity limit. Day passes can be reserved online or by calling (512) 389-8900.

More Locations

We will be stocking rainbow trout below several dams and spillways, which often have very cool water and provide excellent conditions for trout fishing.This year, rainbow trout will be stocked into the Canyon Tailrace on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake, and the Possum Kingdom Tailrace on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake.Other stocking locations include dozens of local city and county managed park ponds, the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center casting pond, and several rivers including the Frio, South Llano and Guadalupe rivers and the Clear Fork of the Trinity River.


  • No minimum length limit; daily bag = 5 trout
  • An angler fishing in a community fishing lake or from a dock, pier or jetty within a Texas state park may use no more than 2 poles.
  • Special limits are in effect on parts of the Guadalupe River.

Fishing Licenses

  • Adults: Buy yours online, by phone (800-895-4248), or at a retailer for as little as $11 for resident, one-day, all-water fishing.
  • Kids: No license is required for anglers under 17 years of age.
  • Visitors of all ages can fish without a license within Texas state parks.

Check the stocking schedule before you go. Dates and locations are subject to change due to weather or other circumstances.

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